1.Back-up Battery Management System Solution

With the progress of the times, the unstoppable supply of energy is already the most basic demand. Therefore, the combination of energy storage backup batteries is widely used in various occasions to ensure uninterrupted power supply after the loss of electricity supply.

However, due to the difficulty of monitoring the quality of backup batteries, it will lead to the shortage of instantaneous power supply capacity and the weakening of sustained power supply capacity of battery packs, which may lead to very serious consequences, such as power failure of bank servers, even special scenarios related to human life such as medical treatment, underground and so on. At present, the market demand for backup battery management system is becoming more and more intense.

We iKiKin Team developed and launched a back-up battery management system solutions. This solution can collect real-time data of conductance, electric quantity, internal resistance, voltage, temperature and health value of each battery, upload cloud-side automatic learning, and estimate battery life.


The system contains a background management interface based on PC and smartphone, which can monitor the current status of each battery. When the battery breaks down, the system will immediately notify the administrator through mobile phones, PCs and other means.

The optional part of the system, as well as the intelligent charging control system, matches different charging methods according to the health of each battery, greatly prolongs the battery life and produces economic benefits.

One of the features of this system is that the data is very accurate.