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  • What Is the OBD-II Port and What Is It Used For?

    The OBD-II port, also known as the on-board diagnostic port, is a standardized system used in modern vehicles built after 1996. This port acts as a gateway to access vehicle diagnostic information, allowing technicians and owners to diagnose errors and monitor the health of the vehicle’s va...
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  • Why Needing OBD2 Code Reader in hand ?

    Why Needing OBD2 Code Reader in hand ?

    Right there. on your dashboard. Looks at you, laughs at you, and makes you plot insurance fraud: your car’s check engine light comes on. This little guy has been sitting on your dashboard for weeks, but you can’t figure out why his light is on. No, you don’t have to burn your c...
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  • OBD2 Code Reader Classification?

    1.OBD2 code reader with bluetooth (ELM327) This kind of car code scanner is simple of hardware, needing to connect with bluetooth to your cellphone or tablet, then download the APP to read and scan the data. Bluetooth has lots different versions and programs to different...
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  • What’s the Car Code Scanner?

    A car code scanner is one of the simplest car diagnostic tools you’ll find. They are designed to interface with a car’s computer and read trouble codes that can trigger check engine lights and scan your car’s other datas. How Does a Car Code Reader Scanner Work? When a t...
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