OBD2 Code Reader Classification?

1.OBD2 code reader with bluetooth (ELM327)
This kind of car code scanner is simple of hardware, needing to connect with bluetooth to your cellphone or tablet, then download the APP to read and scan the data.
Bluetooth has lots different versions and programs to different manufactures. It will effect the data transmit speed or data accurate.
This one is clssic from years ago and now still popular in the market.

2.OBD2 code reader with WiFi (ELM327)
This kind of car code reader is similary with the above one, similary surface of the product, but different of the transmit method, this one use the WiFi connect, still connect it with your cellphone or tablet, then download the APP to read the data.
WiFi OBD2 code reader sometimes is faster of trans speed than the bluetooth one, but needing to under the same and fast WiFi speed environment.

3.Handheld OBD2 code reader diagnostic tool
This is the most popular car code scanner tool now in the market.
Connect to the car’s OBD2 port, then play the code reader, the reader will read and scan the datas via the OBD2 protocols. The functions or display items are different from each scanner model which from different brands. Some reader’s screen is balck&white, and now some are in colored screen and the price is higher than the simple basic function reader.
As connect to the OBD directly, it can read much more datas, some reader built-in volmeter,cranking test, charging test,O2 sensor test, EVAP system test, real-time live data.
All in all,this kind reader is much more suitable for most car’s owner, and most popular in the market.

4.OBD2 code reader diagnostic Tool Tablet
This kind of diagnostic tool tablet now is popular by the professional technician. It needs the owner has lots of the professional knowledge of the car’s data, has lots experience of the code, the code reader provide them the accurate fault code or problem of the car. And this one sometimes is much more expensive than the others which mentioned above.

All above are some car code reader diagnotic tool classification which most we can find in the market.
We can choose the most suitable one following our requirement.

Post time: Mar-30-2023