2024 Professional OBD2 Scanner V520 Car Diagnostic Tool !

Professional OBD2 Scanner — OBD2 scanner built-in 35901 DTC, read I/M Reachness, voltage test testing effect test, Live data stream, engine lights or MIL, O2 sensor test and evaporation control system test, onboard Surveillance mode and execution component testing. Valentine’s Day gift.

Provide You Comprehensive Data—The car code reader has a built-in 35,901 DTC and the old model OBD2 usually has only 3,000-10,000. This car scanner function is more complete, and the OBD2 scanner can better help diagnose and resolve vehicle failures. It is very suitable for replacing or upgrading the existing OBD2 car scanner to improve your quality of life.

Powerful Compatibility and Multiple Languages— OBD2 car scanners are compatible with car compatibility after 1996 (US)/2002 (EU)/2008 (Asia). However, it is not compatible with new energy vehicles and hybrid vehicles. The scanner of OBD2 cars supports 10 countries. You can use English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, and Portuguese displays; no battery or charger is required, and the OBDII data link connector is directly powered by the vehicle.

Comfortable Ergonomic Design— The unique shell grip design can provide a solid and secure user experience, which is suitable for grasping. The compact design allows you to easily put it on the car, backpack, rig, or toolbox drawer, which is very convenient to carry. The hard rubber design makes the scanning tool more textured.




User-Friendly Design, Powerful Functionality Build Quality Sturdy housing with easy-to-grip housing. The cable and connector are sturdy and robust as well

Color Screen Easy to Read You have the option to select a white or black background.

Easy to Manipulate. Buttons provide tactile and audible feedback when they’ve been pushed.

Easy to Use Menu navigation is easy to do with the large arrow buttons and the square that appears around the selected icon.

Diagnostic Capabilities the large variety of scan/test capabilities this device offers. It can tell you things as diverse as how many times an individual piston misfires to whether your gas cap is sealing properly.

Quick Access Quick access buttons to jump right to trouble codes, system tests, and battery voltage.

Download Capabilities If you want to capture your car’s performance parameters, this scanner has a “cloud print” capability that can transfer the parameters to your phone via a QR code. From there, the information can be saved as a screenshot or printed, depending on your phone’s capabilities.

Built-in Trouble Code Library Enter the code number and the scanner will provide a short description of the problem.

Runs entirely off car Power. As long as your car battery isn’t dead this device will work. No need to keep any batteries on hand to power the scanner.

Great Tool This is a great little tool and exactly as described.

Protective Film The display screen of the OBDII diagnostic instrument is covered with a protective film. There may be scratches during transportation. Don’t worry, you can tear off the protective film and use it.

Best Gift With the ability to read and clear trouble codes, this tool is a practical choice for those looking to perform diagnostics on their cars. It gives you some codes which you can easily look up online if you don’t have a guidebook.

User This scanner is great for those who want to step up from the low end ones which have the most basic functionality and usually poor controls.

Save Your Time The LOUVEROLA OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool can save time figuring out an issue with your car. This device combines efficiency with user-friendliness, making car diagnostics a breeze.

Save Your Money The menus are easy to maneuver and the codes are very detailed which makes it easy to read on the screen.

Warm Reminder All OBD2 car diagnostic tools on the market can only identify most car problems, but not all, Might be okay for basic diagnostics. Just like a hospital, which cannot solve 100% of all the symptoms. If you encounter a problem that cannot be identified, please go to a car repair shop to detect the problem.


Post time: Apr-18-2024