12V Car Battery Tester, Bluetooth 4.2 Automotive Battery Monitor Auto Battery Load Analyzer for Lithium & Lead-Acid Batteries with Cranking Charging Test Alarm Record Voltage History

Short Description:

  • 12V Battery Monitor Analyzer BM6
  • Works for all 12V 100-2000CCA lead-acid and lithium batteries.
  • Easy to use, offering cranking, charging system testing, alternator and starter testing,
  • offers high-precision voltage detection and voltage monitoring with real-time graphs in the app.

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Product Detail

BM6 is a Bluetooth Battery Tester! Quick and easy to use. The app is simple and makes testing a breeze.

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Product Features

  • 【Upgrade Car Battery Tester】iKiKin BM6 Bluetooth battery monitor can test all 12V 100-2000CCA lead-acid and lithium batteries, it is the only device on the market that can test these 2 types of batteries. Most importantly, it supports not only cranking and charging system testing, but also alternator and starter testing. So that users can keep track of battery dynamics and provide a comprehensive analysis of battery health, it is one of the most cost-effective battery analyzers.
  • 【1s fast diagnosis, 99.9% accuracy】BM6 car battery tester has an average power consumption of 1.5mA, which is extremely low loss to the battery. Bluetooth 4.2 wirelessly connects to the device, enabling faster and more stable data transfer. Notably, it can also display basic battery parameters in real time, including power, temperature and voltage, charging, starting power, etc. You can know everything about the battery to find and solve problems more precisely. It is a must-have testing tool.
  • 【Free App, Advanced Customization】iKiKin BM6 supports custom power and voltage correspondence table for DIY users to better detect battery data; it is available for iOS and Android, one APP can monitor battery data of 4 devices at the same time to meet the needs of home battery management; it is not limited to Russian, Norwegian, German, Japanese, Chinese, English, Vietnamese, also supports language customization, users can set the language according to their needs, without language barriers.
  • 【Powerful Data Storage and Car Finding Function】iKiKin BM6  load battery tester saves data every 2 minutes and can automatically save 30 days of historical data, including voltage, charge percentage and temperature, etc. It records track, cost and driving habits for each trip, and it can be exported to Excel file for DIY users to analyze battery performance through historical voltage data. it can also automatically record parking location and provide car finding function through navigation.
  • 【Safe & Reliable, Abnormal Alarm】iKiKin BM6  has safety technologies such as reverse polarity and short circuit protection to ensure the user's personal safety during operation; the casing adopts laser process and has IP7 waterproof level; Equipped with 3M adhesive to ensure that the product does not shake during testing; Most importantly, it has automatic alarm function, which will notify you via APP when the battery fails or the voltage and power are abnormal to reduce the pressure for the user.
  • 【Easy to Install, Wide Application】It is very easy to hook-up and the readings are quite accurate using the available app. As long as you can interpret the readings and understand what it's saying this battery checker is a no brainer to have. It supports conventional flooding, AGM flat, AGM spiral, GEL and EFB batteries for cars, trucks, hybrids, suv's, boats, RV's, motorcycles, and even solar power systems. It greatly meets the user's needs for testing different batteries.

Package Including

1pcs iKiKin BM6  12V Battery Tester Monitor Analyzer

1pcs Free BM6 APP

1pcs User Manual

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