Bluetooth OBD2 Code Scanner, OBDII Code Reader FA40 Diagnostic Scanner Tool Compatible with IOS and Android BT4.0 Auto Code Scanner for All OBD2 Cars Vehicles Since 1996

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Bluetooth V1.5 OBD2 Code Scanner Diagnoticl Tool FA40

Compact but Powerful Tool: Providing fault codes along with definitions makes it easy for even owners unfamiliar with car trouble conditions to keep track of vehicle information. This OBD2 scanner Bluetooth code reader integrates code reading, live data stream, oxygen sensor test, battery voltage test, I/M readout, vehicle information, freeze frame, EVAP test (fuel evaporation system), and DTC library, and other powerful features in 16 languages including Spanish.

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●Compatible with Most Vehicles: A necessary wireless Bluetooth car diagnostic tool for today’s car owners, this vehicle fault code reader is suitable for consumer cars, light trucks, and other cars of 1996 and newer models (gasoline or diesel) that are purchased in the US in compliance with OBD II/Protocol.Warm Tips: It does not apply to electric, rechargeable pure electric vehicles that use electricity.
●Plug and Play: Even though beginner drivers can use it easily, no complicated setup installation, 1. Plug the Bluetooth OBD2 scanner into your car's onboard OBD2 port; 2. download an app and then pair the diagnostic scan tool with your phone via Bluetooth; How simple and efficient! We provide the video guide(iOS/Android) to help you complete the diagnosis more intuitively
●Efficiency and Savings: In a situation where the car breaks down on the road, know what is wrong with your car before taking it to a mechanic. This small tool is exactly what you need, instead of spending hundreds of dollars sending to the garage to figure out what's happening, monitor the status of your vehicle and find the issues do maintenance on a time basis, and even fix the small issue by yourselves
●Fast Accurate Result: Diagnose your vehicle fault in seconds, the upgrade intelligent chip using the latest technology, based on the principle of chip improvement, making the Bluetooth connection very stable, this V019 car reader reading speed increased by 80%. Faster reading speed than most other OBDII wireless Bluetooth OBD2 readers
●Real-time Data: IOS &Android available, Use this V019 diagnostic fault code reader to monitor real-time live gauge data directly from your car's computer system. Access a whole of information about your vehicle directly on your phone or tablet, sensor data, engine coolant & oil temperature, O2 Readings, Mass airflow, monitor fuel economy, and more to discover. OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner saves the high cost of going to the store to diagnose your car
●Essential Practical Car Gadget: As a multifunctional car health tools OBD2 scanner, it will help your gasoline or diesel vehicle drive longer miles! A thoughtful choice to gift yourself or your family. 24 hours online customer service and a 2-year quality warranty offer no-worry purchasing


Product Features

Read Code and Erase Code: Quickly read error codes and clear pending error codes within 3 seconds

Built-in OBD II Fault Code Lookup Library: provides cryptic descriptions of fault codes meaning and more information about fault codes

Evaporation System Test: Prevents Evaporation of Gasoline Vapors Evaporated from the Car's Fuel Tank into the Atmosphere

Oxygen Sensor Tests: Detects the oxygen content in the mixture.

Real-time Data: display each data source as a graph, gauge, or digital display;

Vehicle Information: Display VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID), and CVN (Calibration Verification Number).

Freeze Frame: Take a snapshot of the vehicle while storing the freeze-frame code.

I/M Ready/Smoke Check: Determine if your vehicle is ready for a smoke test.


Other Description

Compatible software
1.Window versions: ScanMaster-ELM,, PCMSCAN, etc.
2.Android version: Torque, DashCommand, OBD Car Doctor, Auto Doctor, Mini OBDII, EOBD, etc.
3.iOS version: Auto Doctor, Mini OBDII
4.Symbian version: OBDScope.

Compatible Platform: Software support platform: Windows XP, Windows 7/8, Android, Symbian, etc
Small size, highest chip integration - with independent appearance patent, utility model patent, and software copyright. Passed CE, FCC, RoHS certification.
Read error diagnostic codes - generic and manufacturer-specific and display their meaning (a database with over 3000 generic code definitions)
Clear the error codes and turn off the MIL ("check engine" indicator) displaying current sensor data - including Engine speed per minute (RPM) calculated load value; Coolant temperature Fuel system status; Vehicle speed; Short-term fuel condition Long-term fuel condition ; Intake manifold pressure; Injection advance time Intake air temperature; Airflow rate throttle absolute position; Oxygen probe voltage associated with short-term fuel condition Fuel; system ccondition Fuel pressure; Fuel consumption monitoring and many other data


Why choose the Bluetooth OBD2 Code reader?

A situation where the car breaks down on the road and needs to know what's going on. This small tool is exactly what you need, instead of spending hundreds of dollars sending to the garage to figure out what's happening, monitor the status of your vehicle and find the issues do maintenance on a time basis, and even fix the small issue by yourselves.
Really just plug and play. Just connect to the vehicle, and this car gadget OBD2 readerscansn for error codes, You can use this device to view all of your MIL codes (the check engine light) and clear those codes.
The app install ( Car Scanner/Torque) was easy and set up was a breeze. You can leave this plugged in when driving for real-time data on fuel usage among many other stats. You will find how easy it is to read so many data points from various sensors.
Real-time data shows: It's quick to connect and updates very fast. SinoTrack car bluetooth obd2 scanner is great for diagnostic work or to keep an eye on sensors while driving. It's able to pull a bunch of information and read the status of many variables, it may be no need to fix but the information offered will help us make accurate judgments about the state of the car. Use the SinoTrack V019 Bluetooth car scanner professionals use to get all the code and fixes.

Package Including

1pcs iKiKin FA40 Bluetooth Car OBD2 Code scanner Diagnostic tool
1pcs User Manual

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