2022 IKiKin GPS HUD G4S- Green Model Car Head Up Display Auto Meter GPS Speedometer for All Cars

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The head-up display is equipped with a single function button that can control multiple functions of one button and freely toggle, making it easy and convenient for you to use.

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A key control:  The head-up display is equipped with a single function button that can control multiple functions of one button and freely toggle, making it easy and convenient for you to use.

Plug and Play : The digital display speedometer is connected to the USB data cable, and the USB power consumption is zero. Automatic synchronous starting according to engine ignition .

GPS Compass :Precise GPS compass GPS compass, precise positioning, real-time data synchronous display, satellite data collection, not affected by the weather.

Speed and fatigue warning :A.Speeding alarm: Alerts drivers not to exceed the speed limit to improve driving safety.   B.Fatigue driving reminder: The 4-hour continuous driving break reminder can prevent car accidents caused by driver fatigue.

Automatic light sensor :Adjust the brightness to match the sunlight. Visible backlight during the day, soft anti-reflective at night.

Veidou's GPS :The GPS+Beidou dual-mode chip is compatible with all vehicles, so you don't need to worry about compatibility. The vehicle refreshes 10 Hz at a rate of 10 frames per second, with fast up


G4S GPS Speed Meter Troubleshooting

1. No display on the screen, no power

Check whether USB line is damaged, replace USB line test, and prohibit using voltage higher than 5V

2.No speed

The satellite icon flashes indicating the star search state. Please move the car to the open road and wait until the satellite icon stops flashing

3.The speed is not allowed

Check unit correct, km KM / mile MPH, (speed unit switch reference settings)

When the car leaves the factory, the manufacturer increases the speed displayed on the dashboard by 5-7%, and the international standard is subject to satellite data

Fine-tune the vehicle speed, if the meter displays 100 Km/h, the machine displays 105 Km/h, and adjust the parameter value to 102


4. Driving direction is wrong

The satellite can't tell your direction when there have no speed, and the speed exceeds 5KM / H

5. The speed is still displayed after the car is stopped

Underground parking lot, tunnel, overpass, with shielding will make the signal unstable satellite drift, please drive the car to the open road

6.Turn off the buzzer

The wheel dials left for 2 seconds to turn off the buzzer and dial left again to open the buzzer



● Plug and Play for All Vehicles:This car smart HUD displays feature USB plug and play operation, automatically sync on/off according to engine ignition, come with suction cup mounts and non-slip pads, 2 installation methods for you to install it install anywhere in the car you want.All models. Simply attach the GPS meter to the dashboard and install it in less than 1 minute without tools. Any compatible model can be easily installed.

● Safety Alerts & Multiple Display Modes:This head-up display has a variety of display modes interface is changed according to your habits, one-button control, multi-function display or simple function display can be switched freely. The ultra-mini design with a sense of technology brings more fun and technology to your driving experience. Additional instrumentation with speeding and fatigue driving alarms make your driving safer and more comfortable.

● With Compass Display:This head-up display features a GPS navigation direction compass to help drivers by indicating directions. Equipped with a light sensor that adjusts its brightness according to different light, it is very clear in bright light, providing a safer day and night driving experience.

● Multifunction Speedometer Display:iKiKin speedometer chip Displays the speedometer, clock, number of satellites, direction of travel and other information in your driving view.Uitable for all cars, trucks, pickups, SUVs, scooters, trains, motorcycles, bicycles, boats on the market. A versatile tool to help you understand your moving car.

● iKiKin Speedometer Monitors Real-Time Vehicle Data:The iKiKin vehicle head-up display can monitor real-time vehicle data, including vehicle speed, number of satellites and direction of travel. Switch freely between KMH and MPH. Experience a new driving experience.


Package including

1x HUD

1x User Manual


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